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We're a small company in Austin, TX consisting of mostly one person. We make video games that go against the curb and educate others on stigmatized ideas.

Check out the Jobs page if you'd like to expand the company.


Threat of Silence is a game about Claire, a twenty eight year old woman with schizophrenia. The game's goal is to educate the player on the sickness and what it's like to suffer in such conditions,

Vacant is a point and click adventure game about Jade Bridgett-- a new intern at a mysterious government agency called "The Eye". On her first day, she gets put on a case to find three missing people, all at which are presumed dead. It's your job to find them and the culprit.



Our goal is to share stories from those who are not heard. Our company not only wants to support the LGBTA, POC, and disabled community, but give them opportunities in the industry. We hope to make beautiful, intriguing content that entertains and informs.

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